Before getting started, I would like to thank you for your interest in our religious community and in our particular view of Ásatrú. We are not many people in the world and we have too much information, but the quest for wisdom never ends. I have something for you, a symbolic Brisingamen welcoming you to our web page and our ancestral culture.

You might be wondering what Gotland Forn Sed is, right?

Gotland’s logo.

Gotland Forn Sed (from now on GFS) is a religious community concerning Ásatrú traditions and faith. We take a re-enacting point of view , which means, as much as possible, that we try to make a reconstruction of the old Scandinavian faith during the Viking period (789 BC-1100 BC) by following their old traditions.

One can call himself or herself ásatruar if he or she believes in the old Gods, views and feels the gods as an embodiment of nature, in the way that some people conceive our faith as a symbol for values to follow. Apprenticeship in Gotland Forn Sed is not initiatory, but a community one. We are all equal into the Gods’ eyes. Besides, we are prone to exchange experiences, knowledge, wise advice, and we all believe in personal growth as a human being. You are your own master.

We do not like proselytism. GFS is a meeting point for ásatruar who have similar points of view and ideas. We display ourselves openly to society and anyone interested in the Old Faith. We create a comfortable and friendly space where everyone is welcomed to practice one’s own faith in harmony.

Algiz rune on a mossy rock.

Nature represents an essential cornerstone for us, which we defend and worship at the same time. As a token of gratitude towards the ground and the planet where we live in (Jörð/Midgård), and to our ancestors, we hold ceremonies as they were carried out out in the past. Nevertheless, we adapt certain elements to suit to our time when needed.

We meet in assembly at least twice a year, giving our members full independence so as to defend their thoughts and opinions. Everything and everybody matters. Even though we may count with members with a wide experience, newcomers are considered as one of us, thus, deserving equal status and respect as the rest.

As a community we exclusively follow the Norse Viking tradition, but we may also collaborate with other religious communities with a faith different from ours. Our religious path began in 1992 on an informal basis, although in 1994 it took a defined shape under the name Colectivo Ásatrú. Nowadays, GFS has tens of members around Spain. We are also a member of the Ásatrú-EU council among other European communities. Besides, we participate in the IASC, International Ásatrú Summer Camp, which is held every third year in a different country around Europe.

A sample of one of our altar, this was made for Walpurgis.

It is essential to emphasise that we are completely apolitical and we are against any ideology which may promote any form of hate, gender discrimination, xenophobia, racialism and/or homophobia. Any of these attitudes is completely incompatible with GFS membership.


We worship our Gods. We feel alive through them plus our ancestors and dearest ones. We are Gotland Forn Sed, followers of the Gods and Goddesses, Ásatrú, and we are proud of ourselves, our Gods and our fellowship . Be welcomed, friend.

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